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Trip 2
Visit Lempuyang Temple
Pura Penataran Agung Lempuyang is a Balinese Hindu temple or pura located in the slope of Mount Lempuyang in Karangasem, Bali. Pura Penataran Agung Lempuyang is considered as part of a complex of pura surrounding Mount Lempuyang, one of the highly regarded temples of Bali. The temples of Mount Lempuyang, represented by the highest pura at the peak of Mount Lempuyang, Pura Lempuyang Luhur, is one of the Sad Kahyangan Jagad, or the “six sanctuaries of the world”, the six holiest places of worship on Bali.
Trip 3
Visit Tirta Gangga
Tirta Gangga is a former royal palace in eastern Bali, Indonesia, about 5 kilometres from Karangasem, near Abang. Named after the sacred river Ganges in Hinduism, it is noted for the Karangasem royal water palace, bathing pools and its Patirthan temple.The one hectare complex was built in 1946 by the late King of Karangsem but was destroyed almost entirely by the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963.
Tirta Gangga is based on the beliefs in Balinese Hinduism, where river Ganges and its waters are considered sacred. Its waters are cherished for irrigation and agricultural abundance, recreation and economic activity. The Patirthan temple illustrates the historic significance of Tirta Gangga in the Balinese tradition as a pilgrimage and holy water site
Trip 4
Visit Coffee Farm
Kopi luwak is a coffee that consists of partially digested coffee cherries, which have been eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus). It is also called civet coffee. The cherries are fermented as they pass through a civet’s intestines, and after being defecated with other fecal matter, they are collected. Asian palm civets are increasingly caught in the wild and traded for this purpose.
Trip 5
Visit Tibumana Waterfall
This is why we were really happy to discover the beautiful Tibumana Waterfall, hidden deep in the jungle and with some of the most impressive sights in Bali.
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To Bali Instagram Tour is a private tour that can be easily customize for you. Bali as world-class destination that is famous for its natural beauty, culture uniqueness and hospitality.

This tour we will invite them at Lempuyang temple and introduce Balinese history and culture to Tirta Gangga water palace, explore the forest to find hidden waterfalls, introduce local habit by visiting Bali Coffee plantation to find out the process of making coffee, and the last challenge yourself with around 30 meters of rope and swing above the valley of forest. You can enjoy it in just one day, solo traveler are welcome. Don’t worry and we’ll arrange your trip with special price as well.

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